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New Single "Hold On To Your" Love out now everywhere.

The new EDM single “Hold On To Your Love” is unleashed to the world. On "Hold On To Your Love," Jimmy Tetrov deeply reflects on his innermost dark thoughts.

First prize Pepsi Films Barcelona winner, singer-songwriter and actor Jimmy Tetrov is leaning toward a different sound in 2022. His latest album “Welcome To My World” (2022) which is also a soundtrack of his latest thriller-mystery motion picture, served as a rebirth, an artistic reinvention of sorts for Jimmy Tetrov.

Jimmy has always recorded, produced and released his own EP’s, albums and soundtracks, shifting from a club progressive house influence to pop rock themes with a refined rock sound. The solo artist expanded, this time with more instruments and new techniques. Jimmy created a fusion of pop-rock and EDM with 80’s synths and rocking guitar riffs, and began creating records that fit nicely in the libraries of fans of David Guetta, Miley Cyrus, Billy Idol, David Bowie and the Weeknd.

“Hold On To Your Love” is about heartbreak within breakups of relationships, something that most people can resonate too. If you're dealing with anxiety, or feelig that you're not good enough because of this or that, or that you are not might feel very alone, but it's important to be there for yourself and not let it get you down.”


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