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Jimmy Tetrov announces his upcoming Album on his social media platforms.

Jimmy Tetrov’s New Album, Due in the Fall, Will ‘Surprise and Comfort’ Fans

Jimmy has been dropping hints via social media that he would be releasing something soon. In an instagram video he posted last week. He’s also been revealing a Mustang car via his social media, which aligns with the artwork for “Hold On” a new single.

“I’ve been working away in the studio over recent months and I can’t wait for you to hear my new music", Jimmy said in a statement. “I always aim to push myself and my music in new directions and hopefully you’ll hear that on the new Album. Feels great to be back!”

Currently Jimmy is releasing his discography to all major music streaming platforms, his most recent EP, "Now Or Never", a 4-song featuring a collection of his soundtracks that were released for Pepsi and Lays commercials and more singles and EP's expected in 2022 including "Going Under" with Filmax Music and more...

In conjunction with the discography release, Jimmy will perform live in Moscow, Russia, where he will debut the new single live alongside performing other songs from his repertoire.

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