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Jimmy's EP "Now or Never" has been unleashed to the world. The EP features various hit songs.

A decade ago, Jimmy Tetrov reconnected with his roots. He created an EP that talks about motivation to making it and not giving up on your dreams, the producer whose vision crystallized Jimmy Tetrov, shot him to stardom in 2011 with the single that won the global Pepsi Films contest. The original track is also featured on the EP, their first recordings with the Jimmy at 31 years old. After a couple of decades chasing the dream, Jimmy suddenly sounded refreshed and full of achievement. That same team later were featured in a Lays, TomTom and Chevrolet commercials, a best music video award for Sol Musica and followed up by a small tour in Spain. Now Jimmy Tetrov is making his comeback with newly fresh music, starting to warm up with releasing the re-mastered EP Now Or Never along with more music from his discography that will be out in 2022.

Now Or Never is an alternative pop-rockin’ inspirational EP, nostalgically sending out a message of hope to achieving all the dreams. It includes Marcel Grael on guitar and behind the solid musical arrangements of Jimmy's compositions.


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