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2014 l Concept Film Teaser

Written and directed by Jimmy Tetrov

Co-written with Martin J Cook.

When immortality becomes HIS routine, his only obsession is revenge.

Musician Jake Stanley just arrived to the city of Barcelona, and got himself in the wrong kind of trouble. One party invitation changed his life forever. He picked up a girl in a club that converted him into a vampire, without his will to be one. Now he is doomed with immortal life, and he's got no other choice but to survive by feeding on human blood. In the dead of the night, Jake finds himself surrounded by vampires, a race hiding in their existence. A brutal gang is killing innocent people converting them into victims and slaves of the shadows of hell. Jake Stanley is leading the battle between good and evil. He's on a desperate mission to stop the killing and to revenge against those who caused the spell on him to become a bloodsucker.

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REC TIME FILMS and all related character names ⓒ 2014 REC TIME FILMS, SL


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